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Manufacturers Representative & Exporters for Pharma Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, and Anti-Oxidants.

Manufacturers Representative for Pharma Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, and Anti-Oxidants. We are delighted to introduce ourselves as a reputable and established manufacturers representative, specializing in imports and exports of Pharma Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, and Anti-Oxidants for various industries such as Lubricants, Plastics, and Latex-based products. Our company was founded in 2014, and over the years, we have developed a strong reputation in the market, forming excellent relationships with Pharma companies, Petroleum product manufacturers, and Latex-based rubber product producers.

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Our Expertise

With a rich marketing experience spanning three decades, we have amassed valuable industry knowledge and insights, allowing us to provide comprehensive and reliable services to our esteemed customers. Our deep understanding of the global pharmaceutical, chemical, and rubber industries has enabled us to forge strong bonds with our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

Product Portfolio

At AdityaKiran Enterprises, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality products. We have attached a list of our available Pharma Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, and Anti-Oxidants, which can be exported from our trusted manufacturers at highly competitive prices. Additionally, our product line extends to include Chemicals for Cosmetics, Excipients, Food Industry, Gums & Waxes, Extracted Oils, and Metallic Salts, providing a comprehensive one-stop solution for our clients' chemical needs.

Exports & Imports Services

We are actively engaged in facilitating exports from India, leveraging our strong network and partnerships to ensure smooth and efficient transactions for our international clients. We welcome all enquiries for exports from India and are committed to providing top-notch customer service and timely deliveries.

Furthermore, we are well-equipped to cater to our customer's needs for imports into India. If your organization can give any specific products or raw materials from overseas, we will be pleased to promote to your products to indian customers & book orders in your favour, as your representative in india.

Export Products

Sr. No.
1 SUBERIC ACID 505-48-6 C8H14O4 Min 99%
2 MUCIC ACID 526-99-8 C6H10O8 Min 98%
1732-09-8 C10H18O4 Min 98%
2050-23-9 C12H22O4 Min 98%
5 1,8-OCTANEDIOL 629-41-4 C8H18O2 Min 98%
6 CYCLO OCTANONE 502-49-8 C8H14O Min 98%
7 CYCLOOCTANOL 696-71-9 C8H15O H Min 98%
8 1,8-DIBROMO 4549-32-0 C8H16Br2 Min 98%
9 8-BROMO-1-OCTANOL 50816-19-8 C8H17BrO Min 98%

  • (98-92-0) Niacinamide (Food Grade, Pharma Grade, and Cosmetic Grade)
  • (93-60-7) Methyl Nicotinate (Intermediate for Loratadine, and Imatinib)
  • (350-03-8 ) 3- Acetylpyridine
  • (1122-54-9) 4 Acetyl Pyridine ( Intermediate for Tradipitant, Ocinaplon, Piperacetazine, Tirofiban hydrochloride , Lonafarnib)
  • (5470-70-2) ( Methyl –6- Methyl Nicotinate ( Intermediate for Etoricoxib)
  • (55-22-1) Isonicotinic Acid (Intermediate for Risperidone, Agro Chem Intermediate, Donepezil)
  • (2459-09-8) Methyl Ester of Isonicotinic Acid (Intermediate for Agro chem and Donepezil)
  • (614-18-6) Ethyl Nicotinate
  • (100-26-5) ( 2,5- Pyridinedicarboxylic Acid – (Intermediate for DEET- Insecticide, and API-intermediate)
  • (6602-54-6) 2- Chloro 3- Cyanopyridine/ 2 Chronological – (Intermediate for Mirtazapine)
  • (2942-59-8) 2 Chloronicotinic Acid (Agro Chem Intermediate)
  • (125643-61-0) AO135 Benzenepropanoic acid,3,5 bis(1,1 dimethyl ethyl)- 4-hydroxy-C7-9-branched alkyl esters. Used for Lubricants.
  • (128-39-2) AO75 2,6 ditertbutyl phenol Used in Lubes,Jet Fuels,Metal Cutting Fluids. Used to manufacture AO for use in PP, PE and Polystyrene
  • (6683-19-8) AO1010 Used in Plastics.
  • (2082-79-3) AO1076 Used in Plastics.
  • (31570-04-4) AO168 Used in Plastics.
  • (128-37-0) AO BUTYLATED HYDROXY TOLUENE Used in Transformer Oils, Food Industry, Lubricants, Printing Inks

Also available chemicals for the Cosmetics, Excipients, Food Industry, Gums & Waxes, Essential Oils and Metallic salts.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Partnerships

We have developed long-standing partnerships with reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing the consistent supply of high-quality products.

Competitive Prices

Our extensive experience and strong relationships with suppliers enable us to negotiate competitive prices, passing the benefits to our valued clients.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize the delivery of products that meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that our clients receive only the best.

Timely Deliveries

Our efficient logistics and well-established distribution network ensure timely deliveries to meet your production schedules.


We understand that each client's requirements may vary. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs and preferences.


We are eager to serve your organization and support your business growth with our reliable and competitive offerings.